Life is overwhelming filling all your many roles. You have dreams, desires, goals, and want to do so much in your life but feel stuck. You crave quality time with your family but struggle to find balance. Along the way, you have lost a little of who you are, your core identity. 

How would it feel to live a purposeful, integrated life? How would it feel to discover who you really are? To re-connect to yourself and your deepest desires?

Are you ready to take the first step towards:
- owning your life
- igniting your power
- regaining your direction
- recovering your identity
- finding fulfillment

Hey, I know that this exploration feels like it will be hard. I resisted it too. For a long time.


My life has been full of transitions. My life and identity were turned upside down after having kids, experiencing health issues and undergoing career changes. I became lost and unfulfilled. I spent too many years on auto-pilot, living with no direction, disconnected from myself, afraid of failing if I put myself out there, not doing what I love - trying my best to live up to the expectations of others. Feeling pressure to do so - only to realize the pressure truly came from within and I was hiding from what my life could become. I had many roles - wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee, volunteer - and became overwhelmed trying to make them all perfect, all the time. I put myself and my needs last. 

I found a new way. 

The moment I stopped resisting, I found the courage to trust my intuition and my life changed. I let go of the pressure and expectations. I re-connected to my dreams and desires, and allowed myself the freedom to follow my heart. I learned how to truly listen to my body and what it is asking for. This allowed me to ask for help and let others in rather than keeping my stress to myself. I am feeling fulfilled, happy, enjoying time for myself, as well as for my family. I am enjoying deeper, meaningful connections in my life. I am living a balanced life integrating all my many roles and showing up as myself.

My life purpose is helping women to discover and re-connect with their true selves to reach their full potential. I invite you to book a discovery session to ignite your power and take the first step toward recovering your identity.

Working with Robyn has proven to be invaluable.

I have been Robyn Holloway’s client for the good part of a year now. In that time, I have relied on her to coach me through a move, getting married, selling a business, starting two new businesses, and getting promoted. 

So how did she help me get through these major transitions smoothly?  Robyn has a way of listening both by hearing the words I’m saying, and also listens on other levels. She is able to intuitively take in what I’m really trying to express. Sometimes when I’m done responding to a question she’s asked me, in one sentence she not only summarizes what I’ve said with a different perspective applied, but she will also subtly hint at where I might be lying to myself or not willing to push myself forward. She does it so gently, but it’s so impactful and I can’t wiggle out of it! And that’s what I love about her the most. She holds me to the fire without even lighting a match so that I am inspired and motivated to understand myself in ways I never have.

Another amazing thing about Robyn is that she makes connections that I’m not yet making and beautifully coaches me to a point where I realize something on my own. To be able to do that, without ego getting in the way in the sense that she could come right out and tell me what she’s connected, is truly a gift back to me as the client. As she is allowing me to make connections, she is also asking me challenging questions that uncover sometimes uncomfortable territory yet it’s necessary for us to go there because that’s where I’m truly moved forward.  I feel completely supported and am comfortable being vulnerable with her doing this work.

If you have not hired Robyn already, do it immediately. You will gain nothing but insight about yourself, you’ll see clearly what you want and need out of life, and you’ll know exactly how to get there. It’s an honour to work with Robyn and I’m excited to navigate through future transitions with her guidance.

- Rebekah

It was an amazing experience and worth every moment.

You immediately made me feel at ease which enabled me to be open and honest with you. Your probing and insightful questions helped me to become aware of my limiting beliefs and recurring patterns that surfaced in a variety of my relationships in my life. You are an excellent listener, incredibly empathetic and intuitive.

The coaching process shifted my energy from anger, apathy, and frustration to peace and happiness. I feel lighter and freer. I have a strong sense of clarity, purpose and self-awareness. I have realized that I am in control of how I choose to live my life.

— Elaine

I left sessions feeling driven and very focused.

I felt I needed to be accountable for my actions because I knew you would be following up on everything! I felt supported by you following up, and making me figure out how to achieve what I want to achieve. Reminding me when I was hard on myself, and you gave me lots of positive reinforcement.

— Jodie

So helpful and helped me stay focused on my goals.

I felt like you were understanding of my situation. You validated my concerns at important times. You made the sessions very personal. I learned about how judgment shows up in my life and how I run from certain situations.

— Nicole

Coaching was great – it really opened my mind to look at problems from all angles rather than my own point of view.

It also helped me to look at the bigger problems and not focus on smaller issues. I think at the end I had a more accepting attitude. I was willing to look at how to take negatives and focus my energy on how to make the situation better rather than contributing to the problems that I am dealing with. I feel you were able to assist me in redirecting my anger into a healthier focus of what is next? How do I get there? Where do I want to be? I was on a path of misery with no idea of how to take the next step or change directions. You supported me by making me explore how to make changes in my communication and behaviour to get to where I need to be going forward in this new stage of having an adult child.

— T.D.